Can I set up a contractors account without a company email domain?

Unfortunately you are unable to set up an account as a contractor unless you have a company email domain. The app will not set up a contractor account on a public domain i.e. Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo etc. All contractors receive a 3 month free trial when signing up, to prevent companies using several staff emails to make use of this offer the app only allows company emails.

How much is it to use Super Subbie?

The app is free to download from the App Store and Google Play. It is completely free for subcontractors.  All contractors receive a three month free trial, after that it will cost £50 for a calendar month or £300 for the year. You pay directly through the app and only play when you wish to advertise jobs. This allows you to advertise as many jobs as you wish throughout your period. There are no hidden costs involved and no rolling contracts, you pay for Super Subbie as and when you need it.

Can I use Super Subbie on a computer?

Super Subbie is solely an app so an account cannot be set up on a computer or laptop. You can use the app on an iPad or tablet.

Do I have to sign up/commit for a set amount of time?

Super Subbie is effectively pay as you go. There are no contracts involved, you pay directly via the app as and when you wish to advertise jobs.